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     Does anyone know how to add the DN Path column to Security Manager reports?  Is this something the software can do, Ex: Through a Custom Field OR will it need to be done through a script?  Any help with this is GREATLY APPRECIATED!
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Understand from the guide that there is couple of customisation options such as below. I can only help to isolate to possible approach and seek suppt from NetIQ instead thereafter to get a more focus answer

a) Views for report, see "Modifying View Properties". There is a view criteria tab but did not specify the parameter

b) Cutomise trend analysis report, see "Creating Custom Trend Analysis Reports", there is displaying of subcategories and objects which some columns are expandable and contain subcategories or specific objects that you can
select to display summarized data for that subcategory or object. Displaying
subcategories or objects reveals hidden data. I am not sure if this is already having the DN instead of another new column

But I find "Creating and Viewing Summary Reports" a more feasible approach trying out the report builder. There is a basic (Microsoft Report Builder) and advanced report builder  (SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio tool) that can specify the SQL source and from there customised the element desired in the report. For the specific, may be best to check out with support (i am not expert in that :p)
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