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I have windows 2008 Active Directory server and 100 clients (win7pro).

I want clients desktop shows up computer info like IP address ,comp name,etc on the client computer.

The best way how can i do that and if possible step guide?
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There is a great Windows Sysinternals utility called BgInfo that will do exactly what you want:
orkinosAuthor Commented:
perfect I wanted excantly that.

Please can someone tell me how to BG info on windows 2008 DC for users?
If you read through the BgInfo summary on the Windows Sysinternals link that I provided it gives you a fairly good summary of all the options, which is probably all that you will need.  If necessary, it also provides some additional hyperlinks to another tutorial, as well as the BgInfo support forums.

That initial Microsoft page says that it supports "Windows Server 2003 and higher," so you should be in business!
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