Need malware protection from company with good service record

After having several rogue virus attacks I decided to abandon AVG and do a careful search for a better protections service. After reading a number of reviews and consulting "experts" that I trusted, I went with Lavasoft's Ad-Aware. I did not go with them because they are relatively inexpensive, I read reviews that touted their detection algorithms as being among the best in the industry.

Huge mistake. (I'll save the rant for some other time)

Now I'm in the market for malware protection from a company that can give support if and when a virus has slipped past defenses. My preferences are (in order)...

A company with a phone number and a reasonable wait time,
A company with a phone number
A company with a Chat and a reasonable wait time,
A company with a Chat,
A company with email support that answers their emails in a reasonable time,
A company with email support that answers their emails in 24-hours.

This will be for a business setting, but must be locally installed on each unit. Half of the units are at stations that surf the web and send and receive emails, the other half is for units that use internet connections to handle business transactions.

I know there are a lot of opinions, I would appreciate hearing from those with experience dealing with the company's customer support.
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David BruggeAsked:
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saraf1000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the malware bytes -- that the best available - to remove the attacks..And you may use the paid Kaspersky internet security that the best paid product with all the services desired.


jakethecatukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
+1 on Malwarebytes from a product and protection it offers point of view.  however, I can't comment on any of the requirements you have listed as I've never had to get in touch with them.

as for AV...there is a long list of options and every expert on here will tell you to use which one they like.  my personal preference is Symantec Endpoint Protection - but it's my preference based on years of using it and no viruses.

budget will be your biggest issue and that may very well dictate which direction you have to take.
younghvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I hope that none of those "experts" you reference were on EE. I haven't seen any of the top malware EExperts recommend that product for years.

In general, you are going to have to employ the old "Defense in Depth" concept with multiple layers of protection - hardware and software.

MS are aggressively introducing their security products making the price points and phone support both desirable. I've only had two service calls to them in over 2 years, but both went quickly and well. The product(s) you choose from them will depend on the size of your enterprise.
MSE for individual system protection:
Forefront for enterprise:

Malwarebytes (Pro) has possibly the best anti-malware team in the business with 12-15 current or former MS MVP's working on their development team. They have 24/7 telephone support for their Corporate customers ( plus a very solid group of on-line support staff running their forums.

Further details and rationale in my EE Article here:
MALWARE - "An Ounce of Prevention..."
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David BruggeAuthor Commented:
Yes, I thought myself relatively safe, having done my homework and putting necessary "safeguards" in place. Then I got an emergency call that a store's register was down in the middle of a big sales event.

Found that someone had found a way to surf the internet from the register, and that the ad-aware service was off. I couldn't understand how someone was able to turn the service off and the log showed no errors.

I flooded Lavasoft with emails asking where the "instant chat and remail" response was that was still in their banner ads. No response from the emails, but the banner ads and all references to chat and instant email response was pulled from the website immediately.
In fact, I got my first email response 55 hours after sending in my request for assistance.
Turns out the current version of Ad-aware has a bug that will sometimes shut the service down after pulling down new definitions.

(ok, I ranted. I said I wouldn't, but I feel better now)

I have had excellent phone response from Microsoft when they first rolled out Security Essentials as a consumer product. I was impressed that they directed me to Kaspersky for a rootkit killer rather than make me use a product of their own. I completely forgot that they had gone commercial. The enterprise is overkill for this small operation, but I will take another look at Essentials as well as Malwarebytes.
younghvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Lavasoft contacted me a few months ago asking me to recommend their product and link to it on my website.

At the time, there was a particularly nasty variant of malware that I knew they couldn't stop. When I replied asking for information on if/when they were going to address that problem, they - including the president of the company - said they would get right back to me, but never did. Several follow-up emails (from me) were ignored.

They used to be a good product but I haven't used them since 'rpggamergirl' first mentioned Malwarebytes way back when.

IMO, MBAM is far and away the leader of the pack in the anti-malware fight. I find it particularly encouraging to see the developers (mentioned above) actively monitoring the forums and feedback right from the horse's mouth - to include the creator "Marcin"...aka "RubberDucky".

Goofy name, but a brilliant guy.

PS - rants are fine, especially when the *bleeping bleepers* take 55 hours to respond to a problem with THEIR product.

On very rare occasions the MSE and MBAM processes will conflict with each other. I've only seen it a couple of times over the years, but there is a simple configuration fix if it happens.

 Ignore Processes
David BruggeAuthor Commented:
Points all around! Malwarebytes it is! I feel chagrined that I didn't come here in the first place.
I really do love EE and the great group of guys (and non-guys) that hang out here!
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