MS Outlook: When accessing a link which allows me to download an upgrade to software we are using (Win Zip 16), the following error is received and access to the link and the download is not allowed:

"This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator."

It's MY system; I AM the administrator. Something is wrong with either MS Outlook and/or Zone Alarm Security (my guess is Outlook). We use Windows 7 Professional, 64-Bit.

Please help!  I must be allowed access to necessary downloads in my Outlook messages.
Thanks!  GadgetDude
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hey gadgetdude,
   Some times this error may not be related with outlook. It may releted to default browser kind of thing. Check this link
Here are two links to unblock file protection into Outlook.

Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
Try to repair\ re install your Internet Explorer to fix this issue.
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Try to save to your desktop then run it

Also, security software can cause issues such as this as well.
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
You all have been wonderful in your responses.
I will need 2 days to sort through all the information.
I sill respond shortly.
THANKS!  GadgetDude :)
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone!
I'm back. The older I get, the less I understand computers; although I am convinced that 99% of all computer problems are software related, not hardware.
Have worked with all of your suggestions (so before I award points) here is what I found:

Shefam and Sadlephin were probably the closest to what's going on here. Perhaps it was a conflict between Zone Alarm Extreme Security AND all browsers (IE9 and Firefrox 7).
What was interesting, after I did a complex and very thorough cleaning of my system using Ccleaner, Malwarebytes and directions from Zone Alarm tech support, I reinstalled ZA in the Administrator account. After a reboot, I found that everything worked perfectly.
When I switched from my Administrator Account over to my Standard Account, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. I was back to the same problems between the browsers and ZA.
CONCLUSION: Taking into account everything said by Shefam and Sadlephin, I went back to my Administrator Accounts, User Accounts, and completely deleted the Standard Account as it appeared there was something wrong with the account (everything worked in Admin). I rebooted the computer in Admin, created a NEW standard account; now, everything works fine.  Sure, I had to "rebuild" my standard account, but that was not hard.  Why a single Standard User account would go bad is a mystery to me.

Anyway, Thank You all. This was the best I could do for now. My thanks go to Shefam and Sadlephin, who will be receiving their points shortly.

I Bid You Peace!  GadgetDude :)
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
As usual with computers, it was a blend of issues coalescing into a single problem. In my final posting on this issue, I give a more detailed look at exactly what I found, and how I dealt with it.
Basically, it was a combination problem between (a) browsers, (b) security software, and (c) User Accounts.  Put them all together and you have a mess! Sadlephin and Sefam gave suggestions that closely mirrored the source(s) of the problem. Their suggestions allowed a more detailed analysis of the entire browser-security software problem.
P.S. Sometimes, I feel so small and inadequate when I compare your vast knkowledge to my meager understanding of all things PC.
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