Asterisk Newbee question

I want to understand the idea behind Asterisk -
So I format a computer and install the software. Then what?
Can I - for example - setup google voice numbers and have astrerisk be able to transfer from one line to another? What about mobile phones? I am trying to understand  .. .
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Yes. No hard phone line required if they are all IP lines.
Asterisk is intended to support phone line interactions. Which means that you can redirect calls, send voice to caller, create a voice menu, etc.
More.. to redirect IP calls to line calls, you have to have a hard phone line. Hardware specs have to be met to be able to support some of the functionality.
Starquest321Author Commented:
Just so I am clear:
Step 1: I sign up  every employee for a google voice number - these are non consecutive numbers assigned by google.
Step 2: I setup a "pull" account so I can have the astrerisk consolidate these accounts.
Step 3: I can then have them forward calls between the lines, transfer, etc. all from the astrerisk client?
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