Ubuntu 11: how to set Time Interval cause of password

Hello all,

i have a ubuntu 11.04.

ubuntu popup a dialog window to ask me to input password, if i don't use ubuntu for around 10 seconds.

where could i configurate the time interval, so that it ask me not so frequently.

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Hi, check this article for either setting longer time interval or disabling it.
You mean Ubuntu asks you for your password every 10 seconds?
That is abnormal and should not be happening.

The only explanation I have for it is the keyring manager which could be triggered if you changed your password after the original installation.
Here's how to deal with this problem:

Another possible cause could be the network manager which is not set to make your internet connection available to all users. In this case, follow the steps described by user 'Jim' in this answer:
Exactly which password do you mean? Do you mean the user password you have to enter when needing sudo or elevated rights? If that is the case, then edit the /etc/sudoers file and add the following entry at it's bottom:

Defaults timestamp_timeout=0

Replace the "0" with the number of minutes you want the timeout to be active for.
wantimeAuthor Commented:
sorry, it is about the usr password dialog when i don't move the mouse for a few minutes..  

10 seconds maybe a wrong number i remeber.
That would have been good to know to start with.

If you mean the password after having been idle for a couple of minutes, and you also see the screen go black when this happens, then it's a screen saver with screen lock.
Follow the advice as given in _3mp3ror_ 's link, and either change the timer settings, or disable the screen lock, or disable the screen saver altogether.
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