Outlook 2007 Reminders Not Working

The Outlook reminders are not popping up. I am running Outlook 2007 on a Windows 7 box.

Tried the workarounds from Microsoft;
•      If Outlook is not running, start Outlook, and keep Outlook running to receive reminders.
•      When you create reminders, verify that they are saved in your primary Calendar or Task folder.
•      Exit Outlook, click Start, point to Run, type outlook /cleanreminders, and then click OK.
•      Exit Outlook, click Start, point to Run, type outlook /resetfolders, and click OK. Use this method if the /cleanreminders switch does not resolve the problem.

Also, I deleted the mailbox from the server, and created a new mailbox. So far nothing has worked.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Try the recommendations above and if you are still unsuccessful then try un-installing the Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (KB2583910) on the workstation, if it is installed.

If this solves your problem, you can reinstall this update and apply the hotfix that Microsoft has available to adress this issue, available from here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2553028

You will need to click on the "View and request hotfix downloads" link at the top of the page.

Please post back and let us know if you are successful.
Please verify reminder display is still on:

Tools --- Options --- Other --- Advanced Options --- Reminder Options

Check Display Reminder and Play reminder sound if wanted.
Kamalasekar ParthasarathyMessaging SupportCommented:
Please have one backup of the user mailbox and perform the below task

Use Microsoft utility MFCMAPI manually remove the entry (not hard at all)

Refer this page.

Download MFCMAPI tool from http://support.microsoft.com/?ID=291794

1. Run MFCMAPI on the desktop

2. Go to Session->Logon and Display Store Table

3. Select your profile by name

4. Right click Mailbox and choose “Open Store”

5. Expand “Root Container”

6. Find & Right click “Reminders” and select “Open Contents Table”

7. New Window Launches with list of Reminders

8. Select only the reminder items that you want to remove, Right click and select “Delete Message”

9. Close MFCMAPI

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LindySAuthor Commented:
mikeewalton: That is for an earlier version of Outlook. I'm running 2007.

sekar_raj32: The issue that I'm having is that there is no reminder popup for appointments.

This is a user's mailbox that I support. I get the popups in my profile, but when I open his mailbox in a seperate profile in my Outlook, the reminders do not pop up.
That is actually Outlook 2007, please verify that is your version.
Sorry I missed your post as I was typing. Are you referring to me? Please address the person posting.
LindySAuthor Commented:
mikeewalton: My bad, you're right. That is how it is set already.
LindySAuthor Commented:
jaw34: I don't think the Office update is the problem. Reminders work coorectly for my mailbox, but when I open his mailbox on my machine the reminders do not work. Same machine, same Outlook, just seperate profiles.
That is the strange beauty of this issue. We had it on at least 5 workstations and different users on our Terminal Server 2008 R2. There is no rhyme or reason to it that I have figured out. All I know is that it has worked for us and many others faced with this issue.

Check to see if you have the update. If so, remove it and see if you notice a difference.
LindySAuthor Commented:
jaw34: OK, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

On my machine, my reminders were working and his were not. I removed that update, and now his reminders are popping up.

Before I officially accept this as a solution, I'm sending a tech to his office to apply the fix action there.

I will let you know what happens.
LindyS: I fully agree with you that it makes no sense. I tried to work it out, but I could not really find any pattern to it. One thing I did notice though was that it seemed to appear when you made modifications to an email profile, e.g. add a new account. Maybe just coincidental. The main thing is that it works!
We have been receiving similar issues with this as well.  Some users are on R2 and others are not.  I rebuilt a user profile and it resolved ...... until the next day.  I then unchecked "cache" in More Settings and tada - reminders started working again.

Tools -> Account Settings ->Email Tab->Double Click on email account ->Click "More Settings"
Cache box should have a check by it - uncheck it - save and close and relaunch Outlook - reminders should start working again
LindySAuthor Commented:
I'm still waiting for confirmation from the tech, but since it worked on my PC, I'm assuming the solution is accurate.

Thanks for the help!

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