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Exchange 2007 Transaction Logs grown

My Exchange Tranasaction logs grown suddenly and some times its stable. Not sure how to resolve such issues
Kamalasekar Parthasarathy
Kamalasekar Parthasarathy
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The only reason why your transaction logs would grow "suddenly" is if people do stuff - examples of why transaction logs will grow:

Somebody (users) doing mailbox cleanup or changes - including deleting of items, and moving items from one folder to another
Mailbox moves between two storage groups

A transaction is created every time a database (mailbox) action is taken, where the action is add, modify or delete.  informational actions (like reading e-mail) does not create a transaction.

You should combat this in two ways:

Do regular backups.  Doing regular backups will ensure that your transaction logs are pruned after the backup.  The longer you wait during your backup cycles, the larger your transaction logs will grow.

Turn on Circular Logging.  This should only really be done in a controlled situation, like for example you know there is a lot of maintenance going to happen - moving mailboxes, pruning mailboxes, that kind of thing.  Circular logging will only log a limited number of transactions before overwriting itself, therefore the transaction logs won't grow.  The danger with this is that if your server crashes, you will lose all transactions made since the last backup because you won't be able to play the last transactions back.

Enable CIrcular Logging
The best solution is to back up your database and transaction logs on a regular basis.
Totally agree with LesterClayton.
I only want to add that if transaction logs have create date older than last backup schedule, then your backup was not completed successfully and backed up logs were not removed. If the oldest date is as expected, the log grow is due to changes/moves of mail data.
Kamalasekar ParthasarathyExchange SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Dear All,

This issue is not related with backup.

This problem had been resolved. since we faced an issue with one of user mailbox having corrupted items and it was generated some of the logs. Later it was identified by using Exmon tool and disabled the user mailbox which is solved the issue.

Kamalasekar ParthasarathyExchange SpecialistAuthor Commented:
It was identified by myself and closing the same

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