How to change User Name in Windows (Vista?) Login

I am trying to help my girlfirend login to her son's laptop. She is in another city, so we're doing this over the phone. I think the O/S is Vista.

She knows an admin user name and password for this laptop, but when she boots it and is prompted with the "Enter User Name and Password" dialog, she cannot change the Current User Name to the Admin User Name (because that field is greyed out). How can she login using the admin user name and password?

We tried Safe Mode, but same issue.
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If the option to login as another user is not available you can boot to a ubuntu live cd and use a utility to blank the windows password of the account that is shown.

You will need another computer to do this though since your girlfriend will need to download and burn the live cd.

This is the friendliest solution I could find.
käµfm³d 👽Commented:
IIRC, the admin account is not permitted to login by default. You would need to boot into the machine with another account, and then follow the instructions here:
lee88Author Commented:
We cannot login to the account that is presented during boot sequence because her son has forgotten the password. So, we would be unable to get to the link you suggest. Also the admin account that we know the login for is not named "Administrator".

Is there a way to login to a different account on that machine?
Vista has the other user/switch user option.
Does this happen when the system boots (instead of putting/letting the system go into hybernate/sleep, have the computer turn off press the power button should begin the shutdown if not holding down the power button for 4-7 seconds should turn it off)?
During the Bootup, hold the left shift down while the system is booting.
Alternatively, during boot up hold the F8 key down prior to seeing windows loading and they should be able to get into the system using the builtin Administrator account if it is enabled.
hold ctl+alt and click twise or thrise the delete button.. it will to take you to stand windows logon screen.... there you can enter user name....
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