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Western Digital Software Killed My Vista

Vista 32 bit & Western ditial MyBook problem

Client installed onto Laptop to backup data

Now when client attempts to Right Click on anything
System Simply Crashes with the following 2 error messages
then closes all programs where I loose all data and desktop refreshes.

Error Message #1

Failed to Load Locale Files From "\Program files\western digital\WD Smartware\Locale

When I click Close error # 2 Appears:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error says:

Program C:\windows Explorer.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in and Unusual Way

I have attempted to Run Restore, I get same error?

Is there an Unstaller to Western Ditial that works because when I attempt
to un-install from Programs and features it crashes and will not let me.


Joseph Salazar
Joseph Salazar
1 Solution

if it is not allowing to uninstall because of corrupt installation, please reinstall that again fully and then try to uninstall it completely that will fix any corrupts (if any already).
Joseph SalazarVice President - Senior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I did, that already but it will then install it Twice,

I will only be able to un-install the 2nd copy.

If I install it and attempt to un-install the 1st copy it fails

I then try the 2nd and it works???


the compatibility of Vista and some softwares  is not good.

1.Reboot the machine.
2.Unstaller to Western Ditial . If you can't unstall it , close the threads and services related to it. Try again  or use a uninstall  software to uninstall it, such as Perfect Uninstaller ..etc
3.Install  Western Ditial  in compatibility mode and administrator mode , you can check in  the right mouse button menu of installation package.

Best regards.
Give Revo Uninstaller a try. It will often succeed when the normal uninstaller fails.
Joseph SalazarVice President - Senior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Perfect Installer did the Trick and is well worth the $35 bucks.
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