CSS for both IE and Firefox

Need to have website looking the same in Firefox and IE
need help with CSS on these pages for IE to align underneath[]=1
our price, more details and new to be appropriately sized
in the attached process_transaction page
really badly i need help with the bottom half of the page starting at
Order Comments needs to be resized and recolored to match the rest of the form...
THank you
Time sensitive
more points are available if needed
glozinskiOwner, WebmasterAsked:
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Configurable.css line 107,
.ps_footer a, .ps_footer a:link, .ps_footer a:visited, .ps_footer a:active {
    color: #5CA359;

Needs a font size.

AND line 17 or 107 H2 needs a font-size:
Why would they look the same? The browsers do not look the same.  A user with IE does not care or know if it looks the same in FF.

If there are specific issues then that is what needs to be addressed.

The link to the form does not work unless the '-form ' is removed from the end.

The color of comments is already the color of the rest of the form.  Resize to what size?

Time sensitive

Okay then let's get to some specific and some detail so we don't spend the rest of the weekend guessing what you need.
glozinskiOwner, WebmasterAuthor Commented:
On this Page:[]=1
I would like the  our price to fit the width of the column so it stands out more than the Retail Price
details to be more inproportion for the size of the column
New to be on the right hand side of the column
the form does not line up under image
Thank you
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glozinskiOwner, WebmasterAuthor Commented:
sorry but i am not able to find the link  to the "-form" that you are referring to...
The link to the form does not work unless the '-form ' is removed from the end.

That is mostly 3rd party code in those pages.  You need to contact the vendor of the development tools for support.  Without documentation we will just end up hacking and probably making a bigger mess.  You need someone who knows the Dreamweaver code.  I suggest you open a help ticket with Webassist and see if they are actually ready to support their product.
glozinskiOwner, WebmasterAuthor Commented:
ok....thank you
glozinskiOwner, WebmasterAuthor Commented:
I still need assistance with the rest of these...please and thank you
I hoping someone with Dreamweaver experience comes to the question.  I don't use third party develop tools and If I go in the code I am likely to do more harm than good.  You should be able see a link on your question to request assistance.  that will get the attention of a moderator who may be able to find an Expert with the background necessary to offer more help.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:

You certainly won't hurt anything in the CSS from WebAssist.  Once it copies, it's open to change by the end user and you'll probably improve the result :)  

Good to see you posting again, sir. It's been too many years...I used to read and bookmark your solutions to learn how to do this stuff before I started answering.


>> I would like the  our price to fit the width of the column so it stands out more than the Retail Price

Right now, that code is:

<h3 class="price">
<span class="ProductRetailPrice errorText">
Sugg Retail Price: $
<span id="ProductRetailPrice" class="strike">29.99</span>
Our Price: $ 21.00

So the Our Price is affected only by <h3 class="price">

The class price is set here:

And .price is defined as:

.bottom .price {
    font-size: 10px;

So you can either remove the class of price, which will make things bigger; you can change the font-size to something bigger which will make it stand out more; or you can change the HTML and CSS to do whatever you want.  The choices are all yours.

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Thanks for the compliment.  It's nice to know that stuff was being read.  Netminder (an old friend) talk me into coming back.   I'm glad you could help glozinski.  I avoid going into third party stuff most of the time, because:

It is generally cruddy undocumented code
I personally never use anything but a text editor and my own libraries
I don't consider it a failure to have someone with more understanding of a product give the user what they came to EE for

I always been that way on EE.  I have always considered it like swimming in swap full of gaters.  On occassions when I have done it I generally regret it.
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
Welcome back CD

My former Mentor in Javascript.  Good to see you Michel.
glozinskiOwner, WebmasterAuthor Commented:
great i will start on this one.  are you able to tell me how to align the form under contact us in IE as well as tone down the look on the Order Comments in the attached process_transaction.php page.  Thank you for assisting me...Greatly appreciate the efforts.
By the way Happy Halloween....
glozinskiOwner, WebmasterAuthor Commented:
thank you can we work on the other items.....
glozinskiOwner, WebmasterAuthor Commented:
there was no further assistance to the rest of the questions i need assistancea with
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