RAID1 with SBS2011 Standard

Quick question,

I am wondering if my drives are configured properly.  In the adaptec embedded sata raid utility, its shows, 00 OS raid 1 931.3GB.
status as :OPTIMAL and shows 00 and 01 in the array members.

Now when I goto "disk management" in the server it shows one drive as the OS drive and the other as unallocated.  Is this find? Are they still setup properly in raid1?  If is software mirrored the drives in sbs 2011 would it destroy the hardware raid array?

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Scott GorcesterCTOCommented:
Software raid is inferior to hardware raid and I dont recommend it.  You should make sure that your array bios for the controller has RAID 1 configured and if both drives show up in a RAID 1 then that sounds correct.  If your disk management shows one drive active and the other as unallocated then it does not sound like your RAID on the controller is configured properly as the OS should only see one drive.
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