Preventing iMac from sounding on startup and shutdown

Is there anyway of removing the loud "bong" sound from happening when an iMac powers up and powers down?  I dont want to adjust the volume but I do want it to stop making this stupid sound which disturbs my wife if I'm working at night.

Also is there a default way of selecting which operating system to load into at boot up i.e. OS X or Windows 7?
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strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a freebie app to kill the startup bong:
You can set the default boot system in the Startup Disk Preference Panel.

I don't think there is any way to kill the startup boing without turning the sound off, but my recollection is that you can get an AppleSript to turn off the volume automatically when you shut down.
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If sound is an issue while your wife is sleeping, plugging in some external speakers that you easily turn up/down and off as needed may be worthwhile.
If you mute the sound or turn it almost all the way down before shutting it off or rebooting it then the sound will follow the volume settings.

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abdb469Author Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion 32TheGray, but that was not a solution to the problem as described, rather stating an obvious fact, which is true of any computer including windows.

I have to evaluate strung's solution when I get the chance.
abdb469Author Commented:
Good tip, thanks.
abdb469Author Commented:
oops, sorry, I mean to accept strung's solution, which worked for me.  Will get this changed.
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