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One User is having Network Sharing Issues with Server


I'm having a strange issue with one specific computer. Everything was working fine until a few days ago when the computer stopped being able to access Network or Printers shared on our 2 servers.

We are running two servers windows 2003/2008 and have about 15 Clients all with Windows 7.

None of the other users are experiencing the issue its only the one machine.

Its not the firewall because the firewall settings are managed by the group policy and they havent changed.

Troubleshooting Steps:

Sucessfully Tested: Pinging the servers, Nslookup, Client can rdp into servers, Log into domain, and access the internet without issue.

I have tried uninstalling all the network adapters , deleting the drivers then re-installing and have the same issue.

I have unjoined the machine from the domain now it doesn't allow me to re join, I recieve an error
"unable to join domain network location cannot be reached"

I have also done troubleshooting on all the cables and tested both wired and wireless in multiple locations around the office and still have this issue.

any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I need to urgently get this fixed

1 Solution
DNS properly set and verified using IPConfig?
Clock set properly?
Sounds like hard drive might be failing.  From the command prompt, run a CHKDSK /R C: and reboot.  See if it comes back clean.

I've had a failing hard disk do something similar to me, it started off with being unable to RDP to that machine, then degraded from there to being unable to access the net, etc.  It was like the PC had a stroke and started losing its faculties.  Very frustrating.
Well, let's break it down by symptoms:

File and print sharing use Netbios resolution
Netlogon service uses Netbios resolution

can't find the domain can be one of two protocols used to point to the domain (DNS or Netbios)

Sounds like you have a netbios problem and your W7 computer is not recieving netbios...

One day, it just started to not be able to access the shares: This can be caused by an update, re-enabling the firewall services.

Usually this is a sign the firewall is blocking netbios broadcasts on the local computer. However, your computer may also be conflicting with the server for the role of domain master browser and the server shuts it down to prevent that from happening...

Check two things:
1) Temporarily disable the firewall service and try to join the domain. Make sure your netlogon service applet is started before trying to join.
2) Check the server for events in the 8000's that elude to a master browser conflict.
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could you please check workstation service is running on that system.....
Suigenris85Author Commented:
Thanks for the comments everyone. I was in a bind so I just reformated the hard drive because it was quicker. Not sure what the issue was but after the reformat everything seems to be working fine.
Suigenris85Author Commented:
No solution was found, just did a reformat
I'd still recommend you do the CHKDSK /R C:
-or run Spinrite on the drive, which will recover the drive, if it is failing.
If the drive is failing - the problems will come back.

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