Guidelines to manage a Java Project?

Hi Experts,

I am Dotnet techie going to manage my first Java Project now, Can you guys help me to give me some tips to do this successfully. It is not just project management. I wanted to get a clear understanding about the application architecture, end-to-end big picture about the applications

Please do get back to me, if you have any further questions on this.

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If you're concerned more about the managerial side of things, going through the various  software development methodologies would be nice start. Most of the projects nowadays follow the Agile Methodology and you can find more information on that here -

However if you are more interested in the architectural details, I would strongly advice you to get hold of a senior java developer on your team who would be in a much better position to explain you through this, as the architecture varies from one java app to another.
dhruvpratap's advice is good.  Your question is a big one, and there isn't a canonical answer for Java projects.  Microsoft tends to prescribe more for its developers than other people.

Java doesn't have a "you must do it this way" mentality.  .Net, on the other hand, has the VisualStudio development environment which will hold your hand much more than anything for Java developers, and generate almost whatever you need.  They're expecting a different level of developer than Java developers.

If you don't have an experienced Java developer on your team, and you truly have to do this all yourself, then look at open source projects which do something like what you're trying to do.  If you are developing a webapp, then look at Sun/Oracle's documentation and tutorials for webapp developers.  There are some sample webapps delivered with Tomcat as well, although again, nothing with as much hand-holding as you get with Visual Studio.

If you want to try giving us more details about what you're looking for, we might be able to help more.  But as I said -- your question as stated is too large to answer here on EE.  You're basically saying "how do I develop software."
dileepavAuthor Commented:
Thx Experts.

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