Put column from old sheet into new sheet

I need to take a column from an old sheet and add it to an existing sheet as shown here http://screencast.com/t/wW4svpiCZP   I am pretty inexperienced with this so some hand holding would be greatly appreciated.
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you can do the following:
1) open both worksheet, and make sure they are the same version like both are in .xlsx. If not use save as to save as xlsx.
2) highlight the column from old sheet and right click, click copy
3) go to the new sheet , high light the column you want it to be, right click, click "insert copied cells"
rtod2Author Commented:
The "sheets" are individual tabs inside the same xlsx file as shown there.  You can see that "insert copied cells" won't work because the individual rows are different.  There are more rows in the first sheet than in the second.
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