after removing my laptop from dockstation it works very slowly

After removing my laptop from dockstation it works very very slowly.  All drivers fully updated, and windows also fully updated. could any body tell me the reason.
I am attaching crash dump, and error also. crash
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i do not see a crash dump anywhere..find it in windows\minidumps and attach as file here plse
the aaa points to a catalist driver that is not supported for your driver - best update the video driver
if not sure, post the video card model here

Just a shot in the dark but update to the latest Windows Service Pack.

Also, check your power profiles when undocked under Settings >> Control Panel.
nivasnetAuthor Commented:
i am very sorry, actually by mistake i kept sp2, actually it is with sp3.
How do you remove the Laptop from the docking station?. Are you shutting the PC down prior to removing it? Are you just physically removing it? Or are you using an "Undock" feature in your OS (On some it is an addition to the shutdown menu, on others it can be similar, or is the "Safely Remove tool in the Taskbar)?
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