Netopia 4622xl T-1 Bridge Mode

I am configuring a Netopia 4622 xl T-1 in bridge mode, connecting a tz210 sonicwall behind it.  I am hoping someone can validate my apporach.

Netopia in "bridge" mode with a LAN IP and ISP assigned IP as Default IP address, connected via WAN interface to circuit.
Sonic wall connected via WAN interface to the Netopia (etnernet port) with ISP assigned WAN ip address and above Default IP address as gateway.  SW is configured with site to site VPN which is why I need the Netopia in "bridge" mode.

Thanks for any help.
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shadowmantxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Correct.  Double NAT will not work with S2S (site to site) VPN.
pscanevitAuthor Commented:
Thank you!  This eases my mind quite a bit.  Can now send Router to PA
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