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Need some help writing a SQL Query

So i am working on a query for summarizing machine delay instances.

What i have now (code attached) shows a query that summarizes delay by Maincategory for a set time period. In the example its 8 hours.

What i would like to do is add another column that shows the cumulative for the week. I would guess i need to run another select statement for another time range and somehow union the tables together.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
declare @Starttime datetime
declare @Endtime datetime
declare @PrevHours int

--set variables here
set @EndTime = '2011-10-26 23:00:00'
set @PrevHours = -8
set @StartTime = dateadd(hh,@PrevHours,@EndTime)

SELECT ISNULL(MainCategoryDescription,'Not Classified') as 'Delay Type', round(sum(DelayHours),2) as Hours
FROM [RKBBackEnd].[dbo].[v_Delay]
where timedelaybegin > @starttime and timedelayend < @Endtime and LineID = 1
group by MainCategoryDescription order by Hours desc

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1 Solution
what are you trying to accumulated for the week?

declare @Starttime datetime
,@Endtime datetime
, @PrevHours int
,@Startweek dateweek

--set variables here
select @EndTime = '2011-10-26 23:00:00'
, @PrevHours = -8
, @StartTime = dateadd(hh,@PrevHours,@EndTime)

;with cte as (select
coalesce(MainCategoryDescription,'Not Classified') as [Delay Type]
     , DelayHours
FROM [RKBBackEnd].[dbo].[v_Delay]
where timedelaybegin > @startweek
  and timedelayend < @Endtime
  and LineID = 1

SELECT [Delay Type]
       , round(sum(case when timedelaybegin > @starttime then DelayHours end),2) as Hours
       , count(*) as [delays lastweek]
       , round(sum(DelayHours),2) as [delay Hours last week]
FROM cte

group by [delay type]
order by 1,2 desc
michael_krellAuthor Commented:
what you gave me seems to do the trick. Nice!

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