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browser speed test

would you agree in a high level of the results of : and if it was fairly done.. considering the most factors...

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Result may vary. Of course the speed is not all that you going to consider. I have almost every copy of broswer installed in my machine for testing purpose but if you ask me, my no 1 is IE. I do have reasons for that:
1. Works perfectly to manage my enterprise firewall webpage (where Chrome crashed)
2. Support ActiveX component that I created directly from browser on Windows
3. Saving page into single mht file (really like this)
4. Progmatic element of HTML doc for development, so that I can create interface like Microsoft Money.
5. 100% support for Office 395, Exchange and Sharepoint web apps

Of course other browser do have some strong points too, it really depend how you use it. If just for browsing alone may be Opera and Chrome could deliver lightning fast interface. Firefox well know as arch rival for IE had a lot to offer too. So my 2 cent, choose one that most suite your needs.
i think the answers where the same as you would ask "blonde womans vs brunette etc" everyone would tell you that their browser is better as the other because they like them personally more.

one point is that most people i guess would avoid using internet explorer for obivious reasons but when you compare chrome / firefox / opera i think the decision is very very personal + marketing.

as seeing it just from the results, sure opera is good but i still wouldn't change from chrome to opera.
IE is very slow and clumsy, i used opera a while but really don't like design at all, firefox is nice but its annoying when you're working with much tabs for a while, you minimize it for some time and later you get it up it takes like forever and navigating then is a bit annoying.

so... sure chrome has some failures too but for me its the best compromise of everything, someone else would explain me why his browser choice is the best but as i sayed you can't forget the personal opinion. maybe someone is swearing for safari ;)
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I have all the browsers but I use Firefox most of the time for the add-ons that are available.  I can use it to troubleshoot problems with web pages better than any of the others.
25112Author Commented:
valuable info..
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