fairly new at access

I'm fairly new at form building - not sure what "based on the employeemain table" means.  Is this a macro or VBA?  i have a table and I have a form.  The form gathers info from the table or tables.  I would guess that my question is more detailed:
1.  I have have a blank form with employee ID, first and last name.  I want the user to enter the employee ID (thats it) and access go and retrieve first/last name from table and place it on the form.
2.  I assume I will need a command button to click OK or cancel prior to retrieving the info.  Ok to retrieve and cancel to close form.  I know how to build the cancel piece.  
3.  Where do i put the cmd script?

Thanks - i'm learning!
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That isn't really how a standard Access form would work, although you could program it that way.

But if you create your form from the table, so that it you can browse through all records,  you can then add a combo box to the form header.  The combo box wizard includes an option to 'find a record in my form' and you use that option to create a combo box that will find a particular record.   Once you have built it you select a record in the dropdown list and the details of that record are displayed.

You can follow the steps of the wizard to add the combo box.
dpearson10Author Commented:
I'll keep trying and learning... thanks
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