i5 vs i7 homeuse

for home use, in what circumstance will i7 make a difference compared to i5? would i be right to assume that for normal home usage, i5 will be just as fine as i7?

by home use, i mean photos/youtube, outlook, firefox, misc arts programs etc
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Correction, I should have added that i5 would be fine for any of the purposes you suggested.

Otherwise my comment wouldn't have made much sense.
Yep, no problem with any of those.

Not sure though what you mean by arts programs though.

i3 low end
i5 mainstream
i7 business and high end

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Core_i7#64-bit_Core_microarchitecture_based for lots more information.

i7 will give you more power and speed. It in your case, i5 is enough for most of the things there. However, if you have some spare and not in tight budget, it is better for you to take i7. It seems like a waste but if you consider that some few minutes save for the rest of that computer will last, it is worth it do take the i7. Top of the line i7-9xx can cost you over $1,000 compares to i5 which's around $200. I not encourage you to invest on top-notch i7, i7 860 (dual channel with 2.88 GhZ) or i7 720 (triple channel with 2.6 GhZ) should be your choice, the later is around $5 bucks cheaper than the former of $285.

You do not spell out what kind of arts programs you use. If you are using Photoshop, 3D apps like Maya or rendering software, then you'll need i7. If you are avid gamers than i7 is a must.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
An i5 is PLENTY for home use.    I can think of NO circumstances where it'd make an appreciably notable difference -- even high-end games run fine with a high-end i5 (e.g. 2500K) => they're far more sensitive to the GPU than the CPU.

I've built several system using i5-2500k's and i7-2600k's ... and while the i7's are clearly "better" in benchmarks, there's virtually no difference in the "feel" of the systems from a user's perspective.

What DOES make a nice difference is the HD3000 graphics, which has far better 3D performance than the HD2000.    That doesn't matter if you'll be using a discrete card, but if you plan to use the on-chip graphics, be sure to use a CPU with HD3000.   [i5-2405S or i5-2500K]

One thing you do NOT want to do is buy a previous generation i7 (as suggested above with the reference to the 9xx, 860, and 720's).    An i7-2600K easily outperforms all but the hex-core 9xx CPUs, and is plenty of performance for a high-end system;  if you want more, wait a couple months and get an X79-based motherboard with one of the new hex-core Sandy Bridge CPUs and quad-channel memory.
25112Author Commented:
very helpful info- thanks
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