Wireless Internet Access Point No Longer Works After Router Replacement

We replaced a failing wireless router and are unable to get one machine back on line.

The PC runs XP. The access point/network adapter is a Linksys Wireless G USB with Speed Booster. The router is Netgear.

With the replacement of the router, we went from WPA to WEP/AES security. If we turn the security off on the router and the PC, then we can get online.

I have tried another IAP with identical results. The PC sees the network, but fails to get authorization.

I have completely reinstalled XP.

I have loaded different versions of the Linksys monitor.

I have used the XP Windows Zero Configuration process as well as the Linksys monitor.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver ad nauseum I'm a little confused about this because on the CD it the file name is "wusb54gsv2" (alternatively, "wusb54gs") but in the device manager, the driver file name shows up as "usb82023.sys"

It is not the IEEE 802.1 authentication checkbox.

At this point, we could have replaced the computer for all the time it's taken. But you know how it is... dog with a bone...

Any ideas?
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Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
I'd advise to install XPSP3, is there a reason why you did not install it already?

There is a WPA update available for XPSP2 btw, it's here.

Try going back to WPA security. Maybe the Linksys Wireless G USB does not support WPA2/AES encryption.
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Hi 6rant6,

What Service Pack have you installed for Windows XP?
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6rant6Author Commented:
@gerinjansen SP2

@rochey2009 There software offers The check pox for WEP and then AES. I think that's pretty strong evidence it supports it.
6rant6Author Commented:
In English this time:

The Linksys software offers a checkbox for WEP. When WEP is selected, another checkbox offers AES as an option, so it seems that it is supported.

We'd like to upgrade to WEP. I can go back to WAP for diagnostic purposes if you think that will help.
WEP is weak protection. WPA or WPA2 is what you need.
6rant6Author Commented:
Even provided the link to the download. That's service!
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