ubuntu print server - universal print driver server?


I want to be able to add the print server functionality in ubuntu server but most of the printers it would be connecting users with are not near the server and would like to avoid have to deploy drivers for all of them if they don't have a printer installed. If there an easy way to have something similar the HP universal print driver installed so that I can add all these printers to the server using their IP address only and letting me name them so that the users can just go to http://<example>/printers/<printer_they_want>.

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xtermConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, using your RedHat box as a gateway doesn't change fundamentally how printing works.  This should not have any impact on your printing situation.
You can add all printers by IP address to the Ubuntu box and it should already have all the drivers you need come with cups by default, so you won't need to do anything except pick your printer from a list.

Then you could share the printers via Samba, and the users would just be able to browse and see all of them.  Of course, I'm not sure why they're unable to see them now if they are truly network printers?

I don't really get the purpose of a web page to show the printers - I mean, this is easy to do, but it's not like the user would be able to add the printer or print to it just by virtue of seeing it in a web page.  If the client machines are running Windows, then they are bound by the constraints of the Print dialog in Windows, which will let them select a local or network printer, but picking one from a web page is not an option.
kaosmadnessAuthor Commented:
Hi Thank you for your answer. I forgot to mention in my message that I am going to segment the network (per PCI compliance) so thats were the website idea came from. Will they work if I segment the network using a red hat linux (clearOS) box as a gateway (with two three nic of course).
kaosmadnessAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the late reply!!! Thanks!!!
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