Citrix Content Redirection of custom file type

I have an application IAppX) that is streamed, the default file types that it knows about are recognized when the application is published.  We also have data that is generated on a different system, the file extension on that data is .MS.  Is there a way I can associate the .MS files to AppX?

The users usually double-click the .ms extension and expect AppX to open.

Any help will be appreciated.

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NOC-SNMXConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I figured it out.  Since the application that requires the custom file type is streamed I had to go to the profiler and add the custom file type there.

1. Open profiler app and select the Appx

2. Select "Advanced Install"

3. Select Edit Registry

From the registry editor go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\

1. Right-click "\Classes" and select new key

2. Enter the name of the key
   a. .fid

3. Edit the (Default) string
   Value Data = Appx.Document

4. Right-click the .fid key and create a new String
   a. ContentType = application/appx

5. close registry editor

6. finish the profiler wizard

7. Save new profile
From the publishing Xenapp server:

1. Open AppCenter

2. Right-click application that corresponds to the profiled app you just modified.
   a. Select Application Properties
   b. Select Content Redirection
   c. Deselect all extensions that were selected and un-check "Show all available file types for this application"
   d. Check "Show all available file types for this application"
   e. the new file extension should now be displayed, select all
   f. apply
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Yes this is possible but a little convoluted.

If you look here:

There are some explanations from Citrix reps
NOC-SNMXAuthor Commented:
I associated the file and set the ftype on the Xenapp server then had the server "update file type from registry" but I still can't see the new file type in the application properties "content redirection".

If I look at the file associations on the server the new file type is there.
NOC-SNMXAuthor Commented:
Solution worked
NOC-SNMXAuthor Commented:
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