network Utilization is spiking on SBS2003

Hi Experts,

We have a SBS2003 dell server. I was told that server has been slow and i ahve found out that network utilization is spiking sometimes to 50%.  
we have recently put trend micro worry free 7 antivirus on the server and client machines. So dont know if something to do with with  that.
I have put wireshark to see what is going on. I can see alot of errors on SMB prootcol but not sure what that could be. I am attaching the screenshot of wireshark.

Any help me with this will be appreciated as i am stumped on this.

Rafi wireshark
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
If you suspect a PC you might want to run more than just Trend as a clean up. Perhaps TDSSkiller to check for RootKts and Malwarebytes for Spyware.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Make sure you have Trend fully patched with updates. There were a lot of problems with Ver 7.x on SBS to the extent most people were reverting back to 6.x it, but that was a few months ago, I assume that has be resolved with updates.

It does look rather "chatty" however there is a lot of SMB traffic within a typical SBS network anyway. Is the excessive SMB traffic limited to these 3 devices (, .231, & 232? or between most devices?
Rafi001Author Commented:
Hi RobWill,

Thanks for your comments. I have put the latest patch on the server for trend micro. I assume that i dont have to install any patches on the client side manually. This hasn't help me reducing the server high network utilization.
This is a small network anyway with 10 clients and there is SMB traffic from other clients as well. but these IP's show mostly in the network scan. I was thinking if there is some sort of virus on the network?
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
A virus is a possibility. That is why I was asking if it was primarily a couple of PC's causing the traffic.
Then again Virus scanning when coupled with Trend Management does quite a bit of "chatting" as well.
Rafi001Author Commented:
Thanks RobWill,

I will check again in more detail and will get back to you with observation.

Rafi001Author Commented:
After running the scan of malware bytes and stinger from mcafee, the viruses were removed and system seems to be working fine now.
Thanks for all your help.
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