Sharepoint 2010 - A couple of simple questions

we're building a SP 2010 standard server, and we're quite new to it.

I would greatly appreciate your input on 3 subjects (which are basically similar):
1. Doc's attributes - is there a way to mark a doc as "in work", and after the manager's approval, the attribute will be changed to "Final"?

2. Workflow - Are there workflows between different managers in the company, so let's say when 1 manager saw approved the doc, it'll automatically be transferred to the next in line for approval?

3. Moving documents between sites, within the same  main site. Let's say there's an internal SP site with ALL the docs and another one for the customer, with only some of the approved doc's. Is there a way to transfer doc's from the internal to the customer site in a click?

I would appreciate any input, even a simple yes\no would be a great answer.

Thx in advance
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Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:

what version of Sharepoint? Foundation or Server?

1. Yes, status values like these can be applied via workflow.

2. Yes, workflows can be set up to do that. What you can do with workflows varies between Foundation and Server version, hence my question above.

3. The better approach would be to have another column in the document library that determines whether or not the customers see it. There are ways to extend a web application to serve a site to both intranet and extranet, and permissions can be configured to allow access to specific items only for extranet access.

But it is also possible to copy a document, again via workflow, depending on your license.

cheers, teylyn
1. Yes, You can use a Custom Content Types against a document library and get the workflow to change the status of this.

2. Yes, you can use a two level approval workflow and this can be achieved using Out of the Box workflow. If you have more then x2 managers and require a specific flow for managers depending on the document type for example then this can be achieved via custom workflow that can be developed using either Visual Studio (Requires .NET knowledge) or a 3rd Party tool like Nintex (Little or no Coding knowledge) to achieve this. Nintex uses minmal code, as it provides a WYSIWYG tool to develop workflows but at a cost of a licence.

3. Yes, you can achieve this as part of the workflow to copy documents from one site to another, by adding a additonal step in the workflow. Or if you have the coding skills you can also tap into a document library events using code to copy documents to another document library on another site collection. Or you can add a cusom option in the smart menu of a document library to copy a document from one library to another which can use some custom code behined the menu option.
Or a very crude way to achieve this is to just open both document libraries in explorer view and use copy and paste, but this is manual and you will lose the meta data of the document if you do this. For example author if it was not you, date created, date modified etc, which SharePoint Stores, but if this is not important then it could be done in this way.


Bobby H
IT_Group1Author Commented:
Guys many thx for the detailed answers.
The version of the SharePoint is Standard, so I understand that all discussed features are available right?

Thx again
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IT_Group1Author Commented:
BTW, which are those features are available `out of the box`, and which requires dev?

Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:
All the items I list in my post above can be done out of the box or with SharePoint Designer 2010.

If you read codedetox's post carefully, you will find mentions of using code, i.e. development with Visual Studio.

I find that developers tend to lean towards Visual Studio when they think SharePoint customisation. But a lot of things can be done without that, if people are willing to learn what SharePoint actually offers and what SharePoint designer can do to complement that.

It's hard to pinpoint whether or not you will need to develop code. You'd have to provide much more detailed specs.
IT_Group1Author Commented:
Thanks a lot guys
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