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I currently have a field in my document (my college assignment) that shows the word count minus the preamble (cover page and TOC) and the postamble (bibliography etc), it looks like this

Word Count: [ {={NUMWORDS\# "#,##0" } - 63 -132 } ]

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i know i could just write -195, but its easy to think in pre and post amble terms.

What i would like to do is to use some kind of variables that i can set in the document properties, i have tried this

{{{ SET "iSizePre" "63" }{ SET "iSizePos" "132" }{={NUMWORDS\# "#,##0" } - { REF "iSizePre" } - {REF "iSizePos" }}}}

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But it doesnt display anything, what am i doing wrong?

Oh and i am using Word 2007 SP2
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Gerald ConnollyAsked:
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Gerald ConnollyAuthor Commented:
i think i had to do it like that as that was the only way i could get rid of the syntax error
You seem to have doubly nested the result in otherwise empty outer fields. Also, if you want to use the number format switch, format the result, not one of components of the calculation.

{SET "iSizePre" "63"  }{ SET "iSizePos" "132" }{ ={ NUMWORDS} -  REF "iSizePre" }{  - {REF "iSizePos"  }  \# "#,##0"}

Gerald ConnollyAuthor Commented:
Not really a solution
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