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Hey again experts: I convert the Access switchboard macro to VBA today. I now have another problem that I cannot figure out. When the macro was converted it placed a call to a public function but it never worked. This is what it is trying to do: CALL ARGUMENT & "()" but it doesn't work. The argument is a string to the function "ExitDB". Any ideas?
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mbizupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh!  Okay....

try this -

Dim ARGUMENT as string

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The code would be like this:

If ExitDB is the name of your function, you would call it like this:

Call ExitDB(ARGUMENT)   '<--- This assumes that ARGUMENT is a string vatiable you need to pass to the ExitDB function

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Equivalent code would be:

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stevensontAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but argument is the string containing the function name ExitDB.
stevensontAuthor Commented:
The eval function solved the problem
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