Filter on recordset and only return those records

What I have is a page basically called "search.php".  It has a dynamic dropdown of names in the database.  I am passing the ID param to another search page called "search1.php".  On that page is a recordset and dynamic table with a master-detail page set.  I have also added an
extension by Tom Muck's dynamic search suite extension.  At first I couldn't get it to filter right but it seems to now after playing with the code.  I just added a $POST[search] to the WHERE statement.

What I CAN'T figure out is once the page is filtered, how do I set the search params to ONLY search for those that are already filtered?

In other words, company = 1 search results company 1, company 1, etc.  When I use the search extension and type in "TEST" it's bringing up company 1, company 2, company 3, etc.

I can paste code of that will help.  I can read code but not really write it.

Thanks to all!
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palmtreeinfotechConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi Oleggold, thanks for responding.  I looked at some of the posts and not sure which direction to go.  Would it help if I pasted my code??
palmtreeinfotechAuthor Commented:
Does anyone else have any suggestions for this?  Do you want me to paste the code?  I am using GET now instead of POST but after I add the dynamic SQL the page gets an error.
palmtreeinfotechAuthor Commented:
I could not get anyone to respond except one person!
palmtreeinfotechAuthor Commented:
Nobody else would respond to my question except one expert.
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