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I have some videos that I would like to have them in my site. But want the first 2 for free but the rest of the courses/classes to be viewable after visitor pay for the course and obtain user name and  password.

I have no clue on what to do. I don't want to reinvent the wheel. If there is a site that can host my video and I can link to it, i think that will work. I am open to any suggestion since this is the first time for me to try something like this.

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you have options, but they depend on how tightly you want to secure your premium content.
for a solution that isn't very secure for but would generally prevent a non technical person from accessing your premium content you could use youtube and embed the videos on pages on your site that require a password to access - you would get payments by some, but if someone dug into the code of your premium page they could get direct access to the youtube video and share it with whomever they wanted.

If you looking for a more secure solution you could use a video hosting provider like Playstream for a fee and working with them on the how to protect your content

Another option would be to deploy your own video streaming server of which there are many options

I know that this is just touching the surface but
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