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This is Exchange 2010 SP1.  I have a 250GB mailbox database that dismounted earlier this morning and I don't know why.  I tried to mount it and received the error below.  I put the server in safe mode and I ran a "eseutil /mh" and it said the database was in a dirty shutdown.  I tried the normal methods of eseutil to repair the database, but I ended up having to use the /p (hard repair).  The database now shows that it is in a clean shutdown state, but I still can't mount it and I get the error below.

I can't seem to get isinteg to work either using the command "isinteg -s exchange -fix -test - alltest".  I run that command and it just returns the output below.  I read that isinteg is no longer necessary in Exchange 2010 SP1, but I thought I should still be able to use it if I want to right?

isinteg output:
" Microsoft Exchange Information Store Integrity Checker v14.01.0270.001
Copyright (c) 1986-2000 Microsoft Corp.    All rights reserved.

Mount database error:
Microsoft Exchange Error
Failed to mount database 'Database2'.

Database 'Database2' can't be mounted on server 'EXCHANGE.domain.local' due to a previous error: At '10/30/2011 1:07:21 AM' the Exchange store database 'Database2' copy on this server appears to be inconsistent with the active database copy or is corrupted. For more details about the failure, consult the Event log on the server for other storage and "ExchangeStoreDb" events. A successful failover restored service.
 Verify that the underlying cause of the error has been corrected before attempting to mount the database. The error can be ignored and the mount allowed if Mount-Database is reissued with the -Force switch.

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Kamalasekar ParthasarathyConnect With a Mentor Messaging SupportCommented:
The best way to re-claim the white space :

you can go with anyone of this options

1) Run offline defragmentation by using eseutil /d "Path of the database" and you shoul have 110 % free space in your drive.

2) Perform the mailbox consolidation by creating the new Mailbox store and move all the mailboxes to the new store. and later you can re-name the old store and mount the old database. It will create a new edb file and move back the users to the new edb file.

Thank you..
PradeepConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Move the log files to another folder and.try to mount..
Do you have any antivirus on the server

Check this for a simmilar issue
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

LrdKanienAuthor Commented:
What about the isinteg part?  is isinteg completely obsolete in Exchange2010?  What do you do to reclaim the white space/srhink the db from moved mailboxes, etc?
Kamalasekar ParthasarathyConnect With a Mentor Messaging SupportCommented:

Instead of isinteg, request to use this command new-mailboxrepair request..

Also now your database is cleanshutdown, so move the log folders to different drive and try to mount the database.

Also, if it is not sucessfull. try to perform softrecovery by using eseutil /r and try to mount the database.

LrdKanienAuthor Commented:
I am able to mount the database now using the -force switch.  If I dismount it and try to mount it again I have to use the -force switch each time.  I can remove the log files and that will probably fix the issue.

How do I claim back the white space on the database?
PradeepConnect With a Mentor Commented:
U can use eseutil/d db path (simply drag n drop web file).
But u need 110% of free space to database size.
First check event 1221 n see how much white space u r having.
If  white space is more u can go ahead with defrage.

That's a typo not webfile database file..

No need of using force switch everytime.
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