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Hi guys

Is there any way I can connect Html to Access DATA BASE and using the HTML Form I can update the data in Access Table, Any help is appreaciated
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Connect With a Mentor Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Are you asking if you can use an HTML Form to update an Access database? An HTML Form is just a form where users fill out data. You'd have to take steps AFTER that to move the data into the Access database, and you'd have to use some other method to actually move that data - HTML is just a markup language that presents a page in your browser. It cannot work with data like ASP or PHP.

Here's a little tutorial that walks you through working with an access database from ASP:

Note also that your Access database would need to be on the same machine or Network as the machine running the ASP/PHP. Access doesn't handle remote connections, so you could not run an ASP application on your webserver and update the Access database on your workstation.
You must need any script language you cant perform any dtabase operation with any database using simple html...

1) Either you need to submit heml form to result.asp or any other script language page

After Successfull execution redirect back to html page.

if any error comes redirect back to error html page.

2)  Put iframe inside html page anf submit form to .asp page.

so user will never get aware that we used any script .asp page as it will never get display its url in browser.

and follow above method.

Hope this helps

surah79Author Commented:
Thanks tutorial was really helpful
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