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IT Project plan

I want to prepare an IT Project Plan

about re-develop existing IT system Document Managment System

What I need to prepare this plan ?

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MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
Your question :
"What I need to prepare this plan ?"

A good professional with loads of experiece....
(like me :-))
Since Murphey2 got the ad in first I will suggest:-
First plan the initiation:
1. figure out who wants it redeveloped and who is paying for it (not often the same person/role)
2. get an idea of who else is involved
3. hold a risk workshop with the key players to figure out where the business risks are
4. Your main risk at this point is probably "what are the requirements?" - ie: WHY are you redeveloping
5. Get a good, solid, list of testable requirements together so that the technical people can assess *their* risks
6. At this point you are ready to start planning - anything before this will be guesswork so don't fall into the trap of coming up with a plan that someone will hold you to later when you don't even know where to start


MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
Hi egovernment,

Reg, gives a good start...
Te secret of between e good and a great project is the Project group...
Try to get the right project group (right means tecnical, functional, political and financila the right persons)
So : (depending on the complexity and size of the project)

- IT guys programmers  (for the technical part)
- a "Super" user (For the functional part)
- the boss of the Super user (The political part)
- the person who has the budget (the financial part)
- a second user (if required)

The super user is the one with functional knowledge and is able to test and write manuals.
His boss is part of the group and will agree because he knows the details.
The man with the money  in case you need more budget, he is part of the team and also responsible.

Some rules:
- Keep the number of IT persons lower than 1/2 of the group!!!!!
- Never have meetings with half of the group without explaining why to the other half
- Keep everyone informed


Hi egovernment,

All that is already said is true. Helps you to plan and start a project. Make sure and make clear to all stakeholders that a good project is not always the one that results in new software. If you all come to the conclusion e.g. at bullet 4 of Regmigrant that there is no need for re-dev. Than you are ready quite fast, and actually can say that you succeeded with your project.

Document Management System? Are you sure you want to develop something? There are so many systems around that even sites exist that list sites with DMS listings. I was once more or less in the same situation at our Government and we found that developing and maintaining it, is more expensive than buying.

Good luck, Peter
egovernmentAuthor Commented:
I will check the answers
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