exporting calculated fields JBuilder

Posted on 2011-10-31
Last Modified: 2012-05-12
HI: there may not be many JBuilder users out there but here goes:
I am importing a csv file into JBuilder and adding a calculated column.
I now want to re-export the file...but the calculated field does not pass.
Is there a workaround for this?
In Java terms I guess it is importing, amending and exporting vectors?

Question by:ClaytonGlass
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    >I am importing a csv file into JBuilder

    I'm not sure I understand - do you mean that you are reading CSV file
    by your java program which you run in JBuilder.

    Could you, please, you elaborate?

    Author Comment

    Of course.
    I have a csv file, output from a database. I need to add a column to the file. This column is calculated as being the last 2 digits of one of the other columns; so column50  needs to be 'the last 2 digits of column 4'.
    The file then needs to be passed forward for processing by some label printing software.

    I can - and am - doing this all within the (foxpro) database but would like to be able to adjust the file after export.   I have tried c++ and got hopelessly puzzled!  I have tried Java (NetBeans) and just as bad. C# has got me nowhere . VB I have not looked at. I have found a perl solution but not tried it.
    JBuilder  has got me further than anything else; I can read the file; I can add a calculated column. But when I try to output the file then the calculated column does not output!
    Trying to understand  the underlying process keeps leading me to vectors but in c++ at least I am never able to convert a 'data' type vector to string. Maybe Java/ Jbuilder has the same issue?
     As you see I don't mind how I solve the problem, just that I do!
    Thanks for your time.
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    Manipulations with csv file are not depndendt on NetBeans or JBuilder - they are perforemd by java program
    which can be executed either using one of these IDE or directly from the command line.
    Post a small snippet of your CSV file (just a few lines) and show how it needs to be changed - I'll try
    to help you with Java code to re-write the file. Then you can either use JBuilder or NetBeans or command line
    to execute this Java program.

    Author Comment

    Thank you very much! Please remember 2 things; I am a newbie; and I need to learn!
    I attach the file from the database. Please note that what  I want is already done. It is for my understanding that I want to recreate the process outside the database.
    The file has 2 lines. Note the end of the first line has the field "E:\Data\custpics\81.jpg" . This is calculated directly from the  the last 2 digits of fourth field, 781781.
    A final note; this I am doing at home, not here at work. I may not be able to look at any solutions until much later.
    Thanks again.

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    So you want to add the last column based on the last two digits of the fourth column?
    Original file would be the same without the last column - correct?

    Author Comment

    Yes, please!
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    Accepted Solution


    below id the Java program for re-writing file
    (cjheck the attached files - the BarCode-orig.txt file was the input,
    the BarCode-dest.txt file was the output of this program).

    Paste the contents of this code to the file

    Then,  I hope you have JDK (Java Development Kit) installed.
    If so, go to to Dos command line
    put this .java file and your input file (it should be called
    BarCode-orig.txt) into one folder
    go to that folder in the DOS window
    and type


    and after it compiles, say

    java RewriteCSVFile

    the new file called BarCode-dest.txt
    should appear in the same folder - check with
    the editor that it has an additional column you wanted.

    public class RewriteCSVFile {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            try {
                BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("BarCode_orig.txt"));
                PrintStream psout = new PrintStream(new FileOutputStream("BarCode_dest.txt"));
                String buff = null;
                while((buff=br.readLine()) != null){
                    String [] ss = buff.split(",");
                    psout.println(buff + ",\"E:\\Data\\custpics\\" + ss[3].substring(ss[3].length() - 2) + ".jpg\"");
            } catch(Exception ex){

    Open in new window


    Author Closing Comment

    Thank You Very Much!
    Excellent, helpful response.
    One question, if you don't mind. You chose Java. Is this because you use Java, because I asked for it, or because it was best for this? I am trying to learn when to use Java; when c#, when c++, when vb, etc.
    You are obviously an expert. You must find that  people don't ask 'do me a Java program'; they ask 'sort my problem.' I am keen to learn why you chose Java.
    Don't reply if you don't want to.
    Thanks again.

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