Internet Explorer crashing after typing

Hi Guys,

Wierd one. I have an issue where Typing when internet explorer starts causes internet explorer to crash. is the homepage of IE. If typing into IEs "search box" top right then it doesn't crash. IF you type anything into the Google search box on IE crashes. I have a hunch it's whatever runs Googles autocomplete feature. That's the only thing i can think that happens differently in the google search box. I have Reset internet explorers settings and re-installed IE. The issue remains.

Any help appreciated
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i would run ccleaner to clean out your temp files, and also malware bytes in case of a spyware redirect
AuratekAuthor Commented:
I believe the CCleaner solved the issue. It hasn't re-occured since CCleaner cleaned up the temp internet files. I'm accepting this as the solution.
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