Exchange 2010 / Split DNS for migration

I am preparing to rollout Exchange 2010 for our organization. Currently we are using GoDaddy for email. Does anyone have a step by step document on setting up split DNS and configuring the various transports in Exchange so that I can migrate users from their POP email to Exchange? I have 165 users geographically dispersed and cannot migrate them all at once
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hhnetworksConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I will set this up in a small lab and post my results back here. Thank you
split dns isnt really what you are after.
i would do the following..
configure exchange and all the mailboxes
configure users to connect to exchange and their pop mailboxes - 1 by one
once all are configured this way change the MX record to move incomgin mail to exchange
get users to move mail from their pst files to exchange
once no mail is incoming to the old pop server (which may take a couple of days) then decommission the pop - by slowly removing pop/smtp from each user and deleting the godday mailboxes.
hhnetworksAuthor Commented:
Wont that cause routing issues with intracompany email between employees during the time it takes me to setup 165 instances of Outlook / Exchange? Exchange will automatically route all email within our AD domain directly inside Exchange, bypassing Godaddy altogether
yes - but this way you wont lose any incoming mail.
you will need to keep everyone sending via smtp / and told to check both mailboxes.
with smtp as the default they should only see mail in exchange as it starts getting used properly.

you can also configure exchange to forward mail for any unresolved recipients to an external host

hhnetworksAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the late closure on this. Here are the results:
1) GoDaddy does NOT allow relaying back to your own domain, even with an authenticated account once the MX records are pointed somewhere else. Truly the sign of an inferior hosting service concerned more with putting hot girls on the website than actually providing business grade services.
2) To work around, I published OWA to all my users and had them use this while I drove to all 12 locations to round up pst files and then used powershell to bulk-import them
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