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Hi ALl,
What is your suggestions on wheather I use a website template or build one from scratch?
If you suggest to build one from scratch, what language to use to be in the afe side? I want to make sure the site can be viewed in ipads, Mobile phones and other. It will have videos and on demand videos.
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Build it from scratch!
XHTML 1.x - transitional or strict.
If possible, also use a script language e.g. PHP
It will be a great help for dynamic components or site components e.g. language-detection, search field, navigation, footer-imprint, etc.
With PHP or ASP you can define those components in a single include file.


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it is truely depend on you. Creating site is good if you have all the time to spare and want to have total control on it. Me? I still like to create my own even after 14 years with web development.

However, when considering time to spend, ROI and TCO and no complexity of business needed instead of just to show some pages, images and videos, I have to admit there is way todo it fast as business demand. To take things to market/mass as fast as you can then you need to be creative to do "shortcutting". Just develop what you need.

Most of the CMS like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress (PHP based) or DotNetNuke (ASP.Net) have a lot of feature to offer - like user handling, menu, navigations, layouts, etc. You can use one of these for you "skeleton" of you web project, then you need to concentrate to develop web parts or plugin that specifically need by your users. Believe me, you can bring up your site in less than 30 minutes, or a day or two if you are slow. After that just concentrate on making the needed components.

So, my 2 cent, if you have spare time and eager to challenge youself for self esteem and full control then make it up by your own. But if you are pursuing the market share and money matters or just simply lazy, then consider to do some shortcut.
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