Rh5 and Keyboard Interactive Authentication for root@(serverIP)

I have software that is attempting to connect to a RH5 server using Keyboard Interactive Authentication.  I am recieving a prompt for a password for root@(serverIP).  I have tried the root password and aren't able to login.  What steps are needed to, enable if not enable by default and/or set password for Keyboard authentication?
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While I am not familiar with Keyboard Interactive Authentication, what I would do is check the server logs. Check /var/log/messages for errors and output. That will give you hints and a head start.

Good Luck!
No one should be logging in remotely to the root account. If the system admin has at least two neurons to rub together, they have PermitRootLogin no and/or DenyUsers root (preferably both) in the sshd_config file.

Stay safe and sane: Login to an unprivileged account and escalate privilege.
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