.ASPXAUTH cookie lives only 30 minutes, not 50 years

Hi ASP Experts,

when I look at Login.RememberMeSet Property, the authentication cookie should live for 50 years. On my system it only lives for 30 minutes, which I checked looking at the cookie's expiration and modification dates.

Where can I define the expiration date of 50 years?

Thank you and best regards,
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StaudteAuthor Commented:
I was only able to derive the answer to my question, because a parameter timeout="30" appeared in one of the examples. Other than that, both links that were thrown at me did not really go into the direction of my question.

A fully acceptable respone to my question would have been: In your web.config set
      <forms timeout="30" />

for 30 minutes cookie expiration date (which is apparently the default), or set it to 26280000 for 50 years.
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