How do I open mutiple databases at once in Business Contact Manager 2010?

I have 3 seperate databases for 3 seperate businesses on Business Contact Manager.  Is there anyway I can open all 3 databases at once so I can jump between them?.  

Many thanks
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As far as I know, this is not possible with Outlook 2010 within the same profile.

You will need 3 seperate profiles to achieve this. Then the trick is getting all 3 profiles opened simultaneously.

I have not personally tried the example in the following link, but they are saying that it worked for them:

You will need to download ExtraOutlook from here:

I could not find any information on the download site about using it with Outlook 2010. The following link is an EE member that said it did not work for them:

So be aware that it may not work at all.

Good luck and please post back with your results. I would be very interested to know if you are successful.
hobbit82Author Commented:
Hi, many thanks for your response.  The solutions worked perfectly.
hobbit82Author Commented:
Many thanks
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