Number of Licenses reset to 5 in 2003 SBS

Our number of licenses was reset to 5 for some reason. I don't know if they were ever backed up or where that would have been stored but I am thinking we could use out Symantec Backup Exec to restore the license file to last week if that is stored somewhere but I don't know if this would work or if there is another route to take...

Any ideas?
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notacomputergeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In addition, I've also seen low server disk space cause this symptom. If you have an authorization code and license code, you should be able to retrieve the keys from
Larry Struckmeyer MVPConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Usually this is caused by the AV scanning the folder where the liscenses are stored.  You should exclude this folder from the AV scans.  I can give you a pretty long list of exclusions, or you can search the net for it.

To restore them, you can reinstall them but you will need the key(s) from your prior license certificate, or restore from any good backup.
rpmcclyAuthor Commented:
Ok, I talked to Microsoft and they gave me new keys, so its working.

We do have low disk space on the server so I'm assuming there are multiple causes. I now have a backup of the license files,

Can you give me a list of files to exclude? thanks
Larry Struckmeyer MVPConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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