Windows 2000 will not connect to network

I have a desktop computer that still runs windows 2000.   It is running the security cameras.   I recently replaced the hard drive, but it will not connect to the network or the internet.  It is in the same workgroup as the otehr computers, although I did put a static IP so that remote computers can log ito it to watch the cameras.  It connects to the cameras since they are connected directly to the video cards.   ANy ideas?

I have Netbios installed for sharing on the computer, but again it can't be seen on the network, nor can it see the other computers.
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LesterClaytonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using a public DNS server will definitely assist you, however you should use your own internal DNS server.  Check from another computer what it has set for DNS, and use those addresses.

It would be also very beneficial to reserve the IP address for this machine in DHCP, and let it use DHCP in future, so that manual configurations aren't required at all.  Most routers will support DHCP reservation.
Does your Windows 2000 machine have a default gateway set?  How about DNS servers?  In order to browse out to the internet, it needs to be able to resolve names, so you need DNS.  You also require a default gateway so that your computer knows how to communicate with them or the internet.  Some basic tests (all from command prompt) :

IPCONFIG /ALL - does it show DNS and Gateway addreses?
PING DNS Server - does it respond?
PING Gateway - does it respond?
do NSLOOKUP - do you get a result?
syssolutAuthor Commented:
No.   There is no DNS servers.    I ping the gateway and I get 100% reply with no loss.

NSLookup says Default servers are not vailable
Default Server:  Unknown
You need a DNS server or any requests to resolve host names will not work. Try setting your DNS to
syssolutAuthor Commented:
Thanks that worked!
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