Missing Mailbox move options after moving account from Exchange 2003 to 2010

After moving an account from 2003 to 2010 using the 2010 EMC the following options no longer show up under the migrated user account.  If I create a new account on the new 2010 server manually it does show up.  Does anyone have an idea on the problem?  I am assuming it might be some sort of permission issue.

New Local Move Request
New Remote Move Request

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kmklaw5150Author Commented:
I figured it out.  You have to delete the Move Request once the account is moved.  Once I deleted them all options show up.

Can you please close this questions and refund points.  It might be good to keep this out there.
kmklaw5150Author Commented:
You must delete the move request after the account has been moved.
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