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Hello guys;
I don't have a lot of experience in exchange 2010 hence my question. I have a single exchange installation without the Edge transport role installed (I guess that is the default installation), but i always see edgetransport.exe service running and using a lot of memory. As well from time to time, i see my server downloading antivirus and antispam updates. Do i really need to have the service running at all times even if i don't have the role installed?
My main issue is this, i have a two quad core server with 16GB of memory, exchange 2010 running on windows 2008 standad. My memory usage on the server is always jacked up to 90-95%, only the store.exe has 6GB memory usage, is this normal?
I have 4 mailbox stores on the server and for the edge transport i use other platforms that do the filtering and forward the good email to my exchange server.
I appreciate any and all help on this subject.
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Nope...unfortunately this behavior by design
This is normal - Edge Services will be there (and consuming resources) even if you dont specifically have the role installed - Happened to us as well -

Some reading: 

The below link has the steps for limiting memory usage, but it is not recommened by MS because Exchange 2010 is designed to use as much memory as it wants.  Though there may be a case for you to use it, that's for you to judge:
isaman07Author Commented:
Thanks for the input MMusurlian. Right now i'm testing a special page file configuration on the server, so far it looks good, but i will need to test it for couple of days before judging. If it's really working i will post it here.
Good to know i'm not the only one having exchange sucking up the memory.
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