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Map of function pointers

Hi Experts,

I need to store some callback functions and associated int values in a map.  Basically, I want to notify the registered listeners of events.

The callback functions will be in the format ( C style function )
void callback(Event *evt) { }

Could you please let me know how to do this in C++?

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1 Solution
Well, that could basically be like
#include <map>
using namespace std;

typedef void (*event_callback)(Event *evt);
typdef unsigned ine event_type;

map<event_type,event_callback> mapEvents;

// ...

#define SOME_EVENT 1
void do_some_event(Event *evt) { }

// ...

int main () {

  pair<map<event_type,event_callback>::iterator,bool> p = mapEventss.insert(map<event_type,event_callback>::value_type(SEOME_EVENT,do_some_event));

  // ...

  event_callback cb;

  map<event_type,event_callback>::iterator i = mapEvents.find(SOME_EVENT);

  if (i != mapEvents.end()) cb = *i;

  Event e;

  (*cb)(&e); // do the call
  return 0;

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ambuliAuthor Commented:
Thank you JKR.
You're most welcome - just saw one typo and some need for more explanation in the same line:
pair<map<event_type,event_callback>::iterator,bool> p = mapEvents.insert(map<event_type,event_callback>::value_type(SEOME_EVENT,do_some_event));

  // 'p' can be used to check if a handler already existd:

  if (!p.second) throw("An event handler for this type already exists in the map!");

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