install NVIDIA linux driver without compiling

operating system is Oracle linux 6.1 Desktop, that has no gcc installed
NVIDIA card is GetForce210

running the NVIDIA installer gives an error complaining that no compiler (gcc) was found

is it possible to install the driver without compiling ?
I know I can install gcc and let the installer compile but I am looking for a solution that will not involve installing a complier (gcc)

Thank you
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Can't you just use the OpenSource Nouveau driver? That should be included with most distro's (I don't know Oracle Linux though, but I'd assume it is included there too).
eranpshAuthor Commented:
thank you for reply rind
indeed the Nouveau driver is included and actually during the process of installing the NVIDIA driver (on a machine that has gcc) it has to be disabled

my current issue is that I need to use the NVIDIA driver and therefore I am trying to find a way to make it work on a machine that does not have a complier
eranpshAuthor Commented:
I tried the hard way of installing the NVIDIA driver on a machine with gcc and then copying the various installed files to a machine (same type) that did not have gcc and so far it seems to work. after trying to use Nouveau it seems that it is sufficient and there is no need (at least so far for me from what I have seen) to go for all the trouble as I did.

Thank you very much reindi
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