Remotely Delete local Computer certificate

I'm Looking for a way to Delete a expired local computer certificate or delete the certificate by name. Need the script to read from a input file that will have IP's of machines i want to run the script against. I have not been able to find allot of info on building or writing a VB script on certutil. Also if anyone can shed some light on requesting a new cert with a vbs would be nice as well.
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The Invoke-Command is the best cmdlet to run against remove machines.  It allows you to fashion a connection to the machine directly and perform the action you need in the scriptbody as if you were running it directly against that machine.  As soon as the scriptbody executes the connection is closed.  If you need a longer connection use the New-PSSession.  It will stay connected to the remove machine as long as you leave the session open.  With the task you are performing, however, I think writing a function to search the cert store for the specific certificate you want to remove and then pull that one off.  Here is a link to a good example of how to remove certificates:

Removing Certificates from the Certificate Store
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