Running Total Question

I have a parameter field {?Warehouse} that allows for All or single or multiple...

How can I create a Running Total Grand Total based on each one of these selected items in this {?Warehouse} field..

I have 11 Items
... and so on
I cant get the Report Footer to show Summary for various fields to show by these 11 items
Michael KatzAsked:
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Are you adding all values or is the running total excluding some?

I think the easiest to do is the cross tab idea.  That will work regardless oh how may values there are for Warehouse.  Also you won't get ones where there is no data.

How do you want the report to look?

Can you be clear about what you are trying to do.

DO you actually want a running total or do you just want a single total for each warehouse?

If you want warehouse totals then can you not group the data by warehouse?
if i understand correctly, you want totals in the report footer for each of the possible 11 items available in the parameter.

2 ideas:
you could create formulas that are manual running totals for each possibility. Insert them into the detail section, and then right click to insert a summary in report footer.
each formula would be similar to:
if {table.field} = 'DS' then {table.amount} else 0 //must compare against table.field, not the parameter field.

You could insert a cross tab in the report footer, which would have the amount field as detail, and the "type" (DS, HA) as columns.
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