time machine restore successful, but no bootcamp?


i upgraded the hard drive in my MBP from 500 to 750.  Prior to this, I successfully got a full backup of the system (including bootcamp--i checked).  i booted off my disc and successfully restored my system to my new drive, but no bootcamp!

did i miss something?  Is it possible to restore my bootcamp or do i have to start over?
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srico_gisdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Time Machine does not back up your Boot Camp. Need to start over. Unless you want to clone your windows partition to a separate HD and then

What I ended up doing is using an external USB drive, but partitioning it into 2 pieces, one with HPFS+ for Time Machine and the other with NTFS for Windows 7 backup.

This actually makes it where you have 2 different backups. One for OS X through Time Machine, another for Windows 7 through Windows 7 Backup. Make sure to make a restore CD from Windows 7.

When you go to restore, first you will restore OS X, then go through the Boot Camp partitioning process. When it's time to boot from the Windows CD, wait for it to boot, then shut it down and put the restore CD in (making sure the backup drive is attached). Then go through the restore process for Windows.
jimmy_the_fishAuthor Commented:
good call on the windows 7 backup.  ill do that.

i thought time machine did backup bootcamp.  thanks for the knowledge :)
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